The dates for all events organised by the Imprints of the New Modernist Editing have now been finalised. Please note  that all expenses for workshop participants, including UK travel, catering, and accommodation if required, will be covered. We hope to attract wide range of participants: those with a professional background in art, printmaking, editing, writing, or any other related practices are welcome, but we are equally glad to welcome those with no professional experience.

The events will comprise:

1. A practical workshop on letterpress typography and print at the Glasgow School of Art (led by Edwin Pickstone, project CoI) – 5 December 2019
2. A workshop about the book as physical object of social and cultural exchange and its relationship to the reader and the post-reading act, in collaboration with the social enterprise MyBookcase (led by Cristina Garriga, MyBookcase founder and project partner, to be held at the National Library of Scotland and the archives of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art) – 7 February 2020
3. A practical workshop on pochoir technique and the image/text relationship at the Edinburgh College of Art (led by Jane Hyslop, project CoI and Network member) – 21 February 2020
4. A workshop on the languages of editing and culture writing at The Bluecoat, Liverpool (facilitated by Sarah Laing, Chris McCormack, Andrew Thacker and Nick Thurston) – 6 March 2020
5. An exhibition of works made in response to the selected constellation of texts, to be held at Shandy Hall in collaboration with The Laurence Sterne Trust at Shandy Hall (project partner), 28 August – 11 September 2021
6. A workshop responding to the exhibition about the relationship between text and non-verbal elements as they are presented within an art context, to be held at Shandy Hall (led by Jane Hyslop and Patrick Wildgust) – TBC