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Shandy Hall workshop: August 2021 TBC

A one-day workshop responding to the Imprints of the New Modernist Editing exhibition

Venue: Shandy Hall

This workshop, facilitated by Patrick Wildgust (Curator of Shandy Hall) and Jane Hyslop, will focus on the question of the relationship between text and non-verbal elements – a key issue for modernist aesthetics – as they are presented at the exhibition, and issues arising when curating such an exhibition. It will be open to those with work included in the exhibition, but also open to curators, archivists, other artists or writers, and interested members of the public. It will begin with an exploration of the Shandy Hall exhibition and the principles and practicalities behind its curation, including presentations from the two workshop leaders. It will then move on to a more general discussion of the topic, drawing on examples which the participants will have been invited to bring for discussion at the event.

Applications for this event will open in summer 2021.