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Events and Workshops

Network members have been invited to attend three workshops in 2016-17 addressing our three key questions. Summaries will be posted after each event – please click the links below:

October 2016: What is New Modernist Editing?

February 2017: What are the NME’s current and potential audiences?

April 2017: How does the NME respond to the new conditions of cultural production?

The Network also hosted a two-day workshop for postgraduate students at the University of Glasgow. A summary of the event is posted in the link below:

April 2017: New Modernist Editing Postgraduate Training Workshop

The Network will also have a presence at the Remaking the New: Modernism and Textual Scholarship conference organised by the Dorothy Richardson Editions Project, 13-14 July 2017. At this event we will launch a digital edition of Virginia Woolf’s ‘Ode Written Partly in Prose on Seeing the Name of Cutbush Above a Butcher’s Shop in Pentonville’ and associated practice guide. Please click here to access this innovative digital text, informed by the work of the Network.