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Imprints of the New Modernist Editing

**We are delighted to announce that the final major output of the Imprints of the New Modernist Editing project, the Imprints: Art Editing Modernism exhibition, will take place at Shandy Hall from Saturday 28th August until Saturday 11th September 2021. Please see here for more information**


Welcome to the webpages for the AHRC funded project Imprints of the New Modernist Editing. This project follows on from the New Modernist Editing Network, and the funding specifically covers knowledge exchange and public engagement activities.

The aim of the Imprints of the NME is to provide a range of opportunities for writers, book artists, editors and proofreaders, printmakers, publishers and interested members of the general public to a) come together to share their insights and approaches to text and b) put into practical application some of the insights offered by the work of the NME. To achieve this aim, we will hold a series of activities focussing around a constellation of editions (primarily but not restricted to modernist texts).

The centrepiece activity will be an exhibition of works from practitioners – who may be artists, designers, writers, editors or others – responding to edition(s) from the constellation. The workshops will form a crucial part of the project in enabling potential participants in the call for works to engage in detail with the work of the NME under a range of different themes and through a range of different types of activities. However, while in part building towards the exhibition, each event will also have its own stand-alone value for individuals not making work for the exhibition. All events will be designed to include a mixture of original NME Network members, non-academic participants from engaged constituencies, and members of the public.

Principal Investigator: Bryony Randall, University of Glasgow

Co-Invstigators: Jane Hyslop, Edinburgh College of Art

Edwin Pickstone, Glasgow School of Art